Stampers and Scrapers


There are many stampers available on the market and again these have evolved over time.

This is a very basic introduction to the kinds of stampers available. There are literally hundreds of different types, brands etc and many people have dedicated themselved to reviewing and rating them on youtube and blogs of which you may investigate yourself. 



Hard Rubber Stampers and Scrapers with a blade










These can be difficult to use when:

  • Your nails are longer due the extreme firmness.

  • Your nail beds are curvy as you may have parts of the image missing, especially on the tip

In the begiining scrapers came with blades that just scratched and ruined your beautiful plates, totally unesessary



Squishy Silicone Stampers and non blade scrapers


















The silicone material is great for picking up images and is very forgiving

  • Great for longer nails

  • Great for flat or curvy nails

  • images are sunk into the nails as opposed to rolled over

Overtime the heads of stampers got bigger (smaller are available) as nail length demanded larger images

Rectangular heads are introduced and double heads

The scrapers are manufactured without blades

Buying a scraper is not necessary.  An instore card or any plastic card will suffice




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