Spray Tanning

Organic's bronzer

has been specially formulated with authentic and certified organic ingredients designed

to bring out the best in your tan!

Blended with active ingredients that assist to lock moisture in your skin, Organic's also offers

potent antioxidant properties that help to improve skin tone for the most amazing results.

Chamomilla Rcutita flower extract is added to pamper delicate and sensitive skin due to

its anti-inflammatory and skin soothing properties.

Full Body ~ £25  
Half Body ~ £15





Before your Tan
Shave or wax the night before
Exfoliate on the day with a non oily soap and exfoliating glove (simple soap, radox shower gel and best of all  baking soda!)
Ready made scrubs are not advised as they are very oily , acting as a barrier
Do not moisturise after your shower - this will act as a barrier
Do not wear deodorant, perfume, aftershave or makeup

After your Tan
Wear dark loose fitting clothing, flipflotps or loose fitting shoes
Do not shower, bathe, exercise or swim for at least 8 hours during development time
Moisturise daily to maintain your tan longer with an oil free lotion
Avoid showering with products such as; Dove, Imperial Leather and Johnsons wash
Your tan should last between 7-10 days