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Creative Shop Stamper

January 29, 2015


This stamper has emerged out of the Ukraine. The big daddy of stampers in a world where images are becoming larger and more detailed to meet the artists hunger for challenging designs. It's head is bigger than any other stamper on the market and the transparent silicone is perfect for the visibility of white polish. The sticky, squishy texture of the silicone head is soft enough to wrap around your whole nail and the size great for larger designs on longer nails. The silicone head is housed in a stainless steel cup, which makes the product look stylish.

Having said that the cup is so smooth that it tends to jump out of your hands, slip etc and a few people have added gems and other bits to texturize the surface and give the hand some grip. My video demonstrates how large and squishy it is against other popular makes and what i did to mine to modify it. You can see the video here



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Thermal Polish Swatches

March 2, 2015

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