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FingerMates for gel polish removal

January 26, 2015

For years I have been using the foil method of removal and although they do the job well, they are cumbersome, in that its very difficult to foil wrap your other hand and its not possible to do anything while they are on, for fear of unravelling or slipping off. When I read a review on the NailMates soak off system, I was initially exited, but then realised, that they were not available in the UK. So my search began for another alternative.


TADA! I found FingerMates, conveniently named similar, which looks and works with the same principle in mind. I was a little bit skeptical at first, thinking they may not fit, or at worse leak, but they performed brilliantly.


So what are the advantages you may ask yourself? let me share with you.


  • They are reusable
    The outer silicone cap is durable enough to withstand repeated exposure to acetone and only needs a rinse inbetween clients.
    The insertion foam pads are reusable and washable and packets of replacements are available as I would suspect overtime they would begin to break down.

  • Drip free
    The shape of the foam insert is rounded on one end, producing a comfotable snug fit that lies firmly against your nail and the density is enough to hold 2 pumps of acetone easily without dripping out.

  • Do not need heated mitts
    These are designed to use body heat to speed up the removal process.

  • One size fits all
    Because the caps are made of silicone, there is a bit of stretch in them for larger fingers. My fingers are tiny and I had no concerns

  • Free to move
    You can hold your hands upside down and these babies wont come off! They are so nice and snug that I was able to make a cup of tea whilst soaking .... aaah a perfect end to a day


So having said all this, how did they perform?

Brilliantly, soak off was a breeze and I felt the gel polish came off easier due to less evaporation, they were comfortable and non messy and economical

Would I use them again?

Oh yes, these little FingerMates are my new mates


Get them here

see my youtube review here



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Thermal Polish Swatches

March 2, 2015

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