Nail Enhancements


Welcome to the Gel manicure, a new innovation to the nail industry. Gel polish is a polish/gel hybrid system. That means no chips, no smudging, no waiting and best of all a super glossy colour thats lasts! Particularly good for clients who have the desire to grow their nails but who's nails are prone to splitting and breaking. Also fantastic for a worry free holiday!

Gel Manicures and Pedicures
Fingers or Toes  ~ £20.00
Fingers and Toes   ~  £40.00
Nail art ~ 50p/per nail
Glitter tips ~ £5.00 extra
Add-on to any other treatment  ~ £10.00
Soak off with mini manicure ~  £10.00
Regelish with complimentary soak off ~ £20.00

RockStar Glitter Toes
Dry manicure  ~ £30.00
Add-on to any other treatment ~ £10.00



Nail Stamping art designs




Minx Nail

A glamorous way for women to extend fashion to their very fingertips.
They are popular with celebrities such as Victoria Beckham, Beyonce,

Rihanna and Christina Aguilera to name but a few.

This is not nail art, it is foil veneers for nails, pre-designed in fashionable designs

including gold and silver metallic's.

They can be applied to both natural and enhanced nails, they do not chip,

crack or smudge and are simply stunning. They can last 1-2 weeks on the

hands and up to 5 weeks on the toes.

Minx Fingers or Toes ~  £25.00
Both  ~  £45.00
Individual Nail  ~ £5.00




I do not use MMA in any of my nail products
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